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About the Publisher

New York City born and bred, (born Prensky-it became Prince when he was 3- he protested to no avail.) Prince graduate from St. Lawrence University in 1966 where he majored in French and minored in – of all things – Religion. On the day he returned home from graduation he received two invitations for foreign travel, both all expenses paid, one to Vietnam compliments of the US Army, the other to explore North Africa (specifically Tunisia) with the US Peace Corps. There wasn’t much existential angst about the decision. Preferring the option of building bridges rather than blowing them up, Prince chose the latter and served his country in Tunis and Sousse as a Peace Corps volunteer and staff member.

Rob Prince

Prince taught at the Red Rocks Community College in Golden Colorado for 15 years, at Metro State College for 12 years. For the past 22 years, he has been with the University of Denver’s Graduate School of International Studies – now called the Korbel School of International Studies, where he Taught full-time in their undergraduate International Studies Program, mostly courses on Global Political Economy. He retired in May, 2015. Along the way he picked up a Masters’ in Social Science from the University of Colorado, Denver, under the direction of Dr. Richard Ogles – a rather disorganized brilliant sociologist, who should have been more important in his field than he was, and who died of a brain tumor about 13 years ago.

Prince is married and with wife Nancy Fey has two grown daughters. They had, until a few years ago (Oct, 2011), an aging not very bright but very endearing dog. (Of course perhaps it is not the dog but the owner who is not very bright). There is more that could be added, but the above is boring enough.

Concerning the Colorado Progressive Jewish News which is now in its ninth year… The idea of the publication is to provide a focal point and a voice for that increasingly rare species – progressive Jews. (Less rare today than when I started writing). Prince writes most – but not all – of the articles himself and tried to publish the newsletter quarterly. It, of course, deals with the Middle East but also with other issues relating to what one might be considered the broader peace movement. Seven years ago, the newsletter – copies of which are on line at this website – has morphed into a blog.  Surprisingly enough, there have been some requests for printed edition of the newsletter and perhaps it will once again reappear.

Prince recently retired from teaching. His new title is House Husband – 2nd Class. He is trying to make a go of this new profession, with difficulty it must be admitted. Progress is slow but he has – after a number of failed efforts – learned to make a better than average borscht, something that reminds him of from whence he came, of his mother, his aunt and those who, knowingly or not, shaped his life.

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